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Bluebird Sodcutter
Barreto Rear Tine Tiller
Walk Behind Leaf Blowers
Lawn & Garden
Sodcutter is used to remove sod for installation of sidewalks, driveways making it possible to remove sod with roots still intact to be transplanted in a different location.
The weight balance, stability and fast speed of Barreto tillers allow them to work were others can't.  The hydraulic power means the tiller won't jump around while tilling hard or unboken ground.  The drive wheels operate independently of the tines allowing the operator to easily match wheel speed to soil conditions.
Hurricane force wind will quickley move those thick fallen leaves for easy pickup. Remove sand build up off paved driveways and walkways.
Overseeding is ment to improve a allready existing lawn by introducing new grass seed to improve the overall apearence and health of your lawn by cutting a small slit in the ground and pushing the seed down to make contact with the soil at a proper depth for growth.